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Timing Is Everything...

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

They say timing is everything... I believe that to be true. I had an ad scheduled to run to remind people that our office drafts #Wills and #Advanced #Directives and had it set to post earlier this month. I had done that some time ago. Of course, with the current #virus situation the timing of that ad was rather unfortunate, which someone pointed out to me.

The current #pandemic is having global impact on families due to the illness and #death of so many loved ones. This got me thinking. Much like the cobbler whose children have no shoes, or the housekeeper whose home is unkempt, I am an #attorney who drafts Wills who does not have one for herself. Having a Will and Advanced Directives is a gift to your #family.

In difficult times, after the passing of a loved one, the last thing family members want to think about is how to handle that person’s #estate. When a loved one is ill in the hospital and cannot make their own #medical decisions at that time, the last thing a loved one wants to do is have to make those difficult decisions themselves. Advanced Directives allow the doctors to fulfill the wishes of the #hospitalized individual without burdening their loved ones with these difficult decisions.

The current state of the world regarding the #COVID-19 pandemic put all of this into stark perspective for me. I have decided that as a #gift to my family, I am going to draft my Will and my Advanced Directives and ensure their piece of mind for now and into the future.


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