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"Kim and her team did an excellent job with my custody case. My case started out as a paternity case, but as time went on other issues arose and Kim was able to get me majority custody of my 2 year old. She was always very thorough and detailed. I would highly recommend this law firm and would definitely hire Kim again if needed."

Travis, M.

May, 2020



"Kim and everyone at the office made this terrible situation easy to deal with. Kim is easy to talk to, efficient, and a force! She represented me very well and I trusted her the whole time. I recommend this firm to handle your divorce and my advice is to let her do her job. She’s very good at it!"


February, 2020

Couldn't of asked for more.


"C. Kim Banister and her team went above and beyond to help me with my case. I was short for time and not really sure what to do next. After I sat with Kim she knew right away I was being taken advantage of and started work on my case the same day. I was very impressed and pleased every step of the way. I owe Kim and her team so much for what they’ve done to help me and my family. Thank you Kim."

Shane N.

February, 2020

Divorce doesn't have to be this hard.


"After a 2 1/2 year divorce, Kim has done an exceptional job. She was extremely organized and attentive to detail. She had attempted to resolve our issues and come to a final agreement without incurring unnecessary legal fees, etc. Unfortunately the opposing council didn't seem to want to end it or get a final judgement. I would highly recommend Kim Banister, Esq. again and hope no one else has to go through this destructive process."

Scott W.

December, 2019

Great Family Law attorney!

"The whole office staff is great. They worked great with my hectic schedule and went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend them!"


December, 2019

Bulldog, according to wife


"Kim Banister has been amazing throughout my divorce process. According to my wife's attorney, "Kim is a bulldog" and I take that as a compliment to Kim. Kim and her team are strong, compassionate and most of all in your corner. A divorce is not what I wanted, but she fought for me and counseled me extremely well. I do recommend Kim Banister and her team."

Rick S.

December, 2019

Above and Beyond

"Kim represented us for custody of our grandson. We were at a time in our case where we needed direction because our grandson’s life was our top priority. We called her office and was greeted with warmth and professionalism[s]. Every step of our case was so smooth thanks to Kim and her team. Communication was thorough and timely. I recommended Kim to a close friend and she was very thankful after her consultation. I highly recommend this attorney."

Heather and Chuck P.

November, 2019

Never an issue

'I honestly would give Kim 10 stars. She helped my wife (and myself) deal with a custody case with her ex. Kim kept it real with us, never sugar coating anything. I'm grateful for that. She helped us in a difficult time in our lives with care and compassion. She treated us like family. She never backed down to the opposing counsel much like an angry guard dog. Thank you Kim for all of your help and helping us move on with our lives!"

Matt T.

October, 2019

"Kim and Jan always kept me up to date with what was going on with my case. She’s definitely fierce and you want her on your side. I’m glad I had her support and representation during such a trying time in my life. Thank you Kim. ♥️"

Gabby C.

July, 2019

"You're going to want Kim on YOUR side. When meeting with you she is very kind and understanding, yet very business like and will not waste any of your time. When it comes to meeting with opposing counsel, this is where she shines. She does not back down whatsoever and will fight vigorously for you. I have been in many negotiations in my career and I can honestly say that she is one of the best I've worked with. I would never want to be on the other side of her. I can't thank her enough for the work she provided me, she was so dedicated and I couldn't have been any more pleased."

Chris V.

July, 2019



"I hired Kim after she was recommended to me by a personal friend who is a local Judge. She was also recommended by two other local judges. Kim and her staff were with me every step of the way. They we very conscious of explaining the process in a very clear and concise manner. They were always there to answer any questions, either by phone, email or in person. Kim did an excellent job with the negotiations, she played hardball when I was not able too. I believe the results of my divorce were fair to both parties and I am satisfied with the results."

Casey W.

May, 2019

A Fighter


"I hired Kim after being introduced by another attorney to handle my divorce case. When I met her I knew immediately she would be perfect. We got along very well. She was strong, firm, knew her job, compassionate and fair, but most importantly a fighter for me. Thanks Kim."

Cashana L.

May, 2019

Wonderful Attorney & Wonderful Staff


"Let me start out by saying that I am truly grateful for Kim as well as her staff. They have done nothing but support me as well as keep me informed of everything that is going on with my case. The divorce process seems so incredibly scary and difficult, but, from the very beginning Kim and Kathy (paralegal) have been an absolute blessing. They have explained the process to me and let me know that everything is going to be okay. Kim is extremely knowledgeable and her pricing is very reasonable. I would recommend her to anyone."

Lindsey M.

May, 2019

Highly recommend!


"Ms. Banister and her staff are WONDERFUL. I always felt like a priority with each phone call or office visit. She was very thorough in explaining the process and what to expect. I can not thank her and Kathy enough for what they did for myself and my little girl."

Delaine S.

May, 2019

Excellent Attorney and Staff


"Kim has represented me and my children in a contentious, protracted case involving domestic violence for several years. Kim is proactive and forward thinking. She and her staff have been professional and compassionate toward me, often going the extra mile to make a difficult situation bearable. I would recommend Kim to anyone needing a family law attorney."

Monica F.

May, 2019

Family Law

Kim and her staff were amazingly attentive to the specific needs of my case. Kim was very compassionate with the very specific needs that my children needed and her propensity to protect them was what I needed to provide me with peace of mind all the way to the final judgement. If anything ever arises that I need another attorney I will contact her.


May, 2019

Hire Kim Banister you won’t be disappointed


"Kim Banister was highly recommended by me from someone in Flagler County who knows lawyers, it was the best decision I made to hire Kim Banister Law Firm.

My case should have been fairly smooth but when you are dealing with a lying deceiving ex husband it’s a whole different story. It took over a year a half to finish my case, due to my ex husband and his law firm. It was very frustrating many times.

The first time I had the pleasure seeing Kim in action is when we had to have a mediation with my ex and his lawyer. I saw first hand she was very prepared and was ready for anything they said. She was awesome.

We all have moments in our lives that we will always remember, well my trial with my ex husband is one of them.  Kim was beyond prepared, tough, organize, calm and professional. My ex was not liking the questions she had for him that a couple times he said things he shouldn’t have.

Kim, Jan, Kathy and her office staff are all very professional and understanding.
There were times I was upset, angry, scared and confused they always was there for me with compassion, patient and understanding.

YES! It did end well for me.
Thank you Kim Banister Law Firm"

Denise D.

April, 2019

A Law Firm that deserves more than 5 stars

"I know the hardest part as a parent is to find the right attorney to represent you when it comes to your children. I only wish I would have found Kim Bannister and her Law firm Team 8 years ago. In the past 8 years I have had attorney's that have not properly defended me but have only hurt my case in which it caused me stress, caused a financial hardship for me by extending unnecessary litigation and having to pay more attorney fees. After 8 years I finally found Kim Bannister. I honestly had lost hope after the other attorneys I previously have had.
A few days ago I finally was able to see Kim Bannister in action. The other party sent their billing statements 2 days before the hearing to Miss Bannisters Law Firm in the hopes to throw her off and that this would not give her enough time to prepare for the hearing. Well they were wrong. Kim Bannister was well prepared to make her legal argument even after the other party provided their statements 2 days before the hearing. She was like the Terminator (bull dog) in that court room that she had the other attorney speechless and putting him in his place.
I was also very impressed with how Kim Bannister's Law Firm are well organized and it was such a relief that I did not have to do most of the work like I have had to with the other attorneys.
Thank you Kim, Jan, and team for finally giving me hope and providing me with the proper representation.

I highly recommend Kim Bannister and her team. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Delores L.

February, 2019

"Kim and Kathy got me through an absolutely horrific divorce that lasted nearly 4 years. They were both amazing throughout. They helped ensure that we always took the high road, even when the opposing side did not, and they always made the best interests of the children the top priority. Me and my children are so grateful for their hard work and dedication. Definitely recommend!"

Amy L.

October, 2018

"Kim is focused and relentless. I would hate to be under her microscope!"

Scott W.

September, 2018

"Kim and her paralegal/sidekick Kathy were truly heaven-sent during my divorce. It was definitely a David vs. Goliath situation and I was NOT the giant. Lol. They fought for me like I was much more than a client and I am forever grateful. If you need a heavy hitter on your side, Kim Banister is the one to call on."

Kimberly A.

October, 2017

"Ms. Banister is a wonderful attorney who is honest and cares about her clients. She will be honest, even when its tough, but do so in a loving way. She will work hard for you and your family! I have recommended her to many people."

Tamara L.

July, 2017

"In 2016, I had the pleasure of retaining Ms. Banister to represent my family in an interstate adoption proceeding. The situation was a difficult one, to say the least. The possibility of adopting a little girl had arisen with very little notice, the birth mother was a state away from us, and was ill, struggling with addiction, and homeless at the time. Shortly after delivering this little girl, the birth mother fell into a coma, as well. Suffice it to say, the case was complex, with many unknowns.

Throughout the process, I found Ms. Banister and her sidekick, Ms. Kathy (a superhero in her own right) to be competent, responsive, compassionate, and ethical. Because of health problems on the part of the birth mother, we placed several frantic phone calls at very odd hours. Even then, we were treated kindly and reassured that Ms. Banister was abreast of the situation. She also put in several appearances at very odd hours, due to the uniqueness of our situation, and never once batted an eyelash. We found her to be a pillar of strength and reassurance, and her team handled our adoption with efficiency, urgency, and finesse. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

David J.

May, 2017

"She was my attorney too, she put all her heart and soul into helping me to not to lose the person who I love the most unconditionally my precious daughter."

Irina B.

October, 2016

"Kim Banister is very compassionate and thorough and hardworking. Mrs. Banister has provided legal services for my family in the past and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing such services, as well as seek her legal expertise again should the need ever arise."

Amanda B.

September, 2016

"I hired Kim for my divorce and was very satisfied with her services. She's very thorough and professional. I would (and have) recommended her services to anyone who is in the need of a family attorney."

Sean D.

September, 2016

"As a local attorney I watched Kim excel at Family Law. She is knowledgeable and well liked in the legal community. What more could you ask for in a lawyer!"

Greg W.

September, 2016

Kim is the woman for the job


Going through a divorce is stressful and after firing another attorney I went with Kim. Obviously my confidence was broken and it took a lot of trust in her that she understood my needs. My marriage was over 20 years and I stood the chance of having to pay Alimony to my Ex husband. Kim was funny, down to earth and saved me so much money because she didn't charge me erroneously. Putting your faith in someone is scary when you need a certain outcome, however, Kim was there for me AND I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kathy her Paralegal. Kathy helped me many times when I was angry and wanted to retaliate to be the bigger person. Both of these ladies restored my confidence and my outcome was more than I expected in a positive manner. Thank you!


June, 2016

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