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Mediation is a process that allows parties that are in dispute to discuss issues and concerns and to make decisions about their dispute with the help of a mediator.  Emotions can often run high during the process of family law matters making it difficult for the parties to resolve issues and concerns equitably.  Mediators assist in the communication process between the parties.   The mediator is not allowed to decide who is right or wrong or to tell the parties how to resolve their dispute.  The mediator is a neutral person that helps each party focus on solving the dispute.  The mediator is prohibited from providing therapy, counseling or legal advice. 


Florida law requires the parties of a contested divorce to attend court-ordered mediation.  Mediation is an important step in the contested divorce process as hopefully the parties will be able to find solutions that make sense for each party and help to resolve some or all of each parties' issues and concerns.   If the parties are court ordered to mediation and they are unable to settle all of their differences, the case will go to court for trial and the judge will make the decisions for the parties. 


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